• It's 10 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Lawmakers Are?

    Hey guys! I'd like to take a small break from making Mitt Romney jokes to let you know about a cool thing I got to do this past weekend.

    I participated in a weekend-long event called Comedy Hack Day, which was basically a big group of comedians and developers getting together to build funny new websites, apps and other things to distract from how disappointed our parents are in us.

    The project I worked on is called Lobbyists from Last Night. It's a website that reveals all the swanky, elites-only fundraising parties our politicians attend. So if you're tired of missing out on the whiskey tastings, pheasant hunts, barbecues and yacht parties that accompany fat campaign contributions, demand answers! Go to the site, enter your ZIP code, see what your lawmakers are up to and let them know how you really feel via snarky tweets (aka the most democratic mode of 21st century communication).

    Along with me, our team was Larry Buchanan, Robert Haining, Nicko Margolies, Nick Monje and Aditya Mukerje. (They knew how to write code and stuff. I ate a lot of pizza.)

    Thanks to Cultivated Wit's Baratunde Thurston, Craig Cannon and Brian Janosch for putting the weekend together!

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