• Paul Ryan Is Super Busy with Work and Stuff

    The schedule Paul Ryan has had to keep since going on the campaign trail is grueling. He hasn't even had time to go back to D.C. and do sit-ups with his best Congressbros Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy. But yesterday Ryan finally got to return to his old stomping grounds to pass a spending bill that reflects his ability to compromise for the good of the country, just like old times LOLJK.

    A lot of House Republicans will probably want to get a private meeting with the Veep nom while he's in town, but… What's that Todd Akin? Does Ryan have time to discuss abortion over dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse? Um, let me ask. Oh, sorry. I just checked with him and he says he has to stay in and wash Romney's hair. Maybe next time? We'll have Ryan's girl call your girl.

    Don't get upset if all your calls to Ryan go to voicemail, Boehner. It's not you, its him

    That's not to say Ryan will be avoiding interactions with members of the House and Senate. The campaign aide noted that, after all, he be on the House floor during the 6 pm spending vote where he’ll assuredly have a chance to catch up with leaders, friends and colleagues from the lower chamber.

    Aw hell naw! I know he didn't just do that. The lower chamber? The RNC stage and campaign bus must be so high off the ground that he can't see the little people anymore. Ryan is starting to act like a real politician

    It’s a smart strategy for Ryan to return to Congress for the vote, said John Pitney, a political scientist and professor at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California.

    "He wants to send a message that Republicans are trying to keep the government operating," Pitney said in an interview. "It’s tailored to the final 4 percent of the electorate that Romney needs to get over 50 percent."

    This must be a change of pace for Ryan. Unlike the executive branch, Congress doesn't have to get work done in order to win elections. But this? This isn't the guy Republicans know and fell in love with. Don't forget Ryan, they remember when you were just Pauly from the block (of Wisconsin cheese). You used to hold up legislation like a boombox blasting "In Your Eyes." Now it seems you're just somebody that they used to know.

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