• One of a Kind Candidate: Gene Stilp, 11th Congressional District, Middle Paxton, PA

    Gene Stilp Pignelope

    Congressional candidate Gene Stilp travels around with a giant inflatable pink pig called Pignelope to represent the government corruption and waste. What, do you have a better idea? You definitely do not. There's a pig, and there's a guy next to it, and he's going to do something about that pig. Boom. I'm not sure what trouble you're having with this. Prop yourself up, America.

    Gene uses Pignelope because nobody needs another pie chart. For all the hullabaloo Paul Ryan got for his budget video, did anyone actually watch it? You can bet the good people of central Pennsylvania have seen Pignelope, or seen Stilp in his pink and pig-like school bus. Maybe props don't get your message across, but they do get you glances in your general direction.

    Stilp isn't just an inflatable pig-haver with a pretty face. He filed the only lawsuit against a dead-of-night state legislature pay raise. Which is great, really great. But more importantly he's also used a comically large hypodermic needle to talk about healthcare, and he once walked through 20 counties with an oversized electric plug on his back. And he built a miniature Statue of Liberty and covertly put it out in the middle of the Susquehanna River. Stilp says creating jobs is his main priority, which, yes, that is very important. But he has also built roadside America attractions, which is better than anything you’ve done today. Sorry, that's a scientific fact.

    Fine, Stilp campaigns on actual issues and can outline his plans, but the props. The props! Figure out the specifics of his policies later, but respect the man because he shows attention to detail. If you didn't put your book report in a cardboard three-punch folder, what's the point in the teacher trying to grade it, you know? Stilp has the folder. Stilp has the folder and a giant pig and a school bus and an oversized hypodermic needle, and a Statue of Liberty model in a river. A++ and a parent-teacher conference of high-fives for young Gene Stilp.

    With his media savvy, Stilp is like a mix of Karl Rove and Carrot Top, yet he's not a miserable wax pile. I'm not saying Karl Rove and Carrot Top are miserable wax piles, I’m just saying Gene Stilp is definitely not one. Draw your own conclusions about miserable wax piles Karl Rove and Carrot Top.

    Photo via Gene Stilp's Facebook page

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