• Peter King Unapologetic for "Apology Tour" Comment

    Look, Rep. Peter King knows an "apology tour" when he sees one. And all those supposed facts that you fact-checkers check with your fact-checking machines don't mean a goddamn thing, because an "apology tour" is something that you feel in your heart

    Soledad O'Brien: Everybody keeps talking about this apology tour and apologies from the president.

    Rep. Peter King: It is.

    O'Brien: I'm trying to find the words I'm sorry, I apologize in any of those speeches. Which I have the text of all those speeches in front of me. None of those speeches at all, if you go to factcheck.org which we check in a lot, they all say the same thing. They fact check this.

    King: I don't care what fact check says.

    O'Brien: There are fact checks. You may not care, but they're a fact checker. I'm reading the speeches.

    King: No. Soledad, what I'm saying is any common sense interpretation of those speeches, the president's apologizing for the American position. That's the apology tour.

    Little did Soledad O'Brien know, but Peter King is actually the world's leading authority on recognizing apology tours. And don't bother looking that up with your fact-checkers. Just accept it.

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