• John Sununu's "Snappy Answers to Unpleasant Questions"

    After watching this clip from MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports earlier today…

    …it got me thinking about what a brilliant rhetorical strategy Romney surrogate John Sununu has struck upon. One that I think can really be used in all kinds of situations, in response to all manner of questions unpleasant questions asked. Here's just a few examples. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with more on your own…

    Q: Do you think that, given the released footage, that Mitt Romney intends to look after the interests of the supposed 47 percent he discusses therein?

    A: You're missing the big question here. It's not whose interests Mitt Romney intends to look after, but whose rights Barack Obama trampling upon in his unprecedented class warfare.


    Q: You are accused of manslaughter in the second degree. How do you plead?

    A: You're not asking the right question. It's not important how I plead with regards to accusation of manslaughter. What matters is which of Barack Obama's divisive anti-business policies were directly responsible for me being intoxicated while behind the wheel of that vehicle.


    Q: Which one of you kids got into the Marshmallow Fluff and left white fingerprints all over the refrigerator.

    A: Your myopic interrogation completely misses the point completely. What does it matter which one of us kids got into Marshmallow Fluff or the peanut butter or Daddy's good gin? It could have been one of us, it's could have been all of us. Who cares! What matters is that Barack Obama's ceaseless and craven attacks on the American business class are leaving this nation hobbled economically in the time when it most needs strong and sure-footed leadership.


    Q: Why are you pummeling me into unconsciousness with that metal pipe?

    A: Barack Obama is a total jerk.


    Flawless! This, I think, is going to revolutionize the art of debating.


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