• Anonymous Women for Todd Akin


    With "Hens for the Fox" seemingly taken, the embattled Todd Akin Senate campaign is seeking to recapture some momentum by reaching out to female voters using a new website titled "Women for Akin."

    The kickoff video, "We Think for Ourselves," features a woman in silhouette, while the accompanying brochure includes pro-Akin testimony from women who give only their first names. Whatever his shortcomings as a human being, at least Akin has the decency to offer his female supporters the same protection offered to mob snitches.

    However, Akin's claim of support among women voters is belied by the website's optimistic grammar — "I am a women and I support Todd!" — as well as the actual membership of this secretive "Women for Akin" group…

    Leading the effort to bolster Akin's support among women appears to be his daughter, Hannah, whose name is featured prominently on the "We Think For Ourselves" brochure posted online.

    "He truly believes that 'all men (and women) are created equal,'" Hannah Akin says in the brochure. "That he, as an elected representative, is 'a servant of the people,' is not just an empty phrase, but a belief that guides his life."

    Hard to tell with all the typos, but maybe the campaign only meant to say that they have the support of the Akin women.

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