• Democrats Might Somehow Keep the Senate

    It seems almost impossible to imagine, considering how congressional Republicans have seemingly gone particularly out of their way these past few years to impress upon the average American that their loyalties continue to lie with plutocratic billionaires and multinational corporations over their constituents, but it looks like Democrats might just squeak by on Election Day with retained control of the Senate.

    Who can figure these things out?!

    Democrats are now favored to retain control of the Senate when the new Congress convenes in January, according to the FiveThirtyEight forecast, breaking a summer stalemate during which control of the chamber appeared about equally likely to go either way…

    [T]he odds of a favorable overall outcome for Democrats have increased in recent weeks. The forecast model now gives them a 70 percent chance of controlling the chamber, either by having at least 50 seats and the presidency, or 51 without it.

    It's funny. You'd have thought that maybe that whole "single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president" thing would have sealed the deal with voters, wouldn't you? And if not that, then surely their united efforts to block equal pay for women would have ingratiated the Grand Old Party with the average person enough to allow them to take control. But no. Apparently, Republicans are still likely to only make enough gains in the Senate to make it incredibly close.

    Obviously, Republicans are still highly favored to keep control of the House of Representatives. Because of course.

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