• Is Mitt Romney Already President?

    A lot of attention this election cycle has been focused on the question of what Mitt Romney would do as president. "There's a pretty compelling story that if you had a President Romney, you'd be in a different situation," said Richard Williamson, a Romney adviser, as he told the story of a world in which the trees are the right height and our embassies aren't stormed.

    But questions about what Mitt Romney would do elide the question, "Is Mitt Romney already the president?" Consider Vice President Joe Biden's remarks on Meet the Press

    "Based on what President Romney has said as it relates to his view, for example, him saying our arch-enemy, I'm paraphrasing, is Russia , though he called it the Soviets, is Russia ."

    That's just crazy uncle Joe being himself. But here's Sean Hannity from last night

    "Forty seven percent say, they intend to vote for President Obama, 46 percent will vote for President Romney. That is well within the margin of error."

    A slip of the tongue? Let Rush Limbaugh explain

    "We're only supposed to have one president at times like this.  Well, we don't have one, unless Romney speaks up, and that's the sad reality."

    Politifact rates this as half-true. "Sad," yes. Reality, not so much.


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