• 7 Signs the Barack Obama Campaign Is a Cult

    Your presidential campaign may be turning into a cult if…

    1. Supporters are asked to pledge their allegiance.
    Obama fans were asked to inscribe their hands with the reason they're standing with the president and then "put your hand over your heart for a quick smartphone photo."

    2. College professors are administering actual loyalty oaths.
    A professor at Brevard Community College in Florida has been placed on leave after she allegedly forced her class to sign a pledge that read, "I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket."

    3. Every email carries celebrity validation.
    One more celebrity-laden photograph, tweet or email and Obama for America will be indistinguishable from the Church of Scientology.

    4. Supporters faint at the Leader's appearance.
    Twenty Obama supporters required medical treatment in Roanoke, Virginia on July 13. Before there was any sign of a heat wave, there were three separate fainting spells at Obama rallies in March. As the Eternal Leader noted, "This happens to me all the time."

    5. Supports change their names, or at least their Twitter handles, to Hussein Obama.
    At least if everyone becomes a "skinny kid with a funny name," we'll have found a way to solve the nation's obesity problem.

    6. Obama tattoos are the season's hot fashion accessory.

    7. The American flag is redesigned to feature an Obama logo.
    These colors run for office in a particularly obnoxious way..


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