• Tim Pawlenty No Longer Unemployed

    It's days like this that remind you why the president has erased Mitt Romney's polling advantage on issues of job creation and the economy. When even Tim Pawlenty is able to land a high-paying job, you know it's Morning in America.

    The former governor of Minnesota is stepping down as co-chair of the Romney 2012 campaign — no worries, there's no shortage of wooden things in Mitt Romney's camp — to be the new head of The Financial Services Roundtable, a lobbying group whose members include JPMorgan Chase and Co., Citigroup Inc. and The Allstate Corporation.

    This may be a little incongruous for those who remember Pawlenty for statements like this

    I went to Wall Street and told them to get their snout out of the trough. We're not going to do any more bailouts or carve outs or handouts there.

    And it may be a job posting difficult to square with Pawlenty's notion that the GOP should be "the party of Sam's Club, not just the country club." In fact, he'll be a perfect fit. The banking industry loves buying financial regulators in bulk.


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