• New Tax Returns, and Other Goodwill Gestures from Mitt Romney

    Mitt RomneyToday is a very big day for Mitt Romney. After months and months of putting off the release of additional tax returns, he finally relaxed his grasp on his 2011 files.

    Interestingly, despite having once said, "If I had paid more than are legally due, I don’t think I’d be qualified to become president," Romney actually did pay more to the government than was legally due

    The newest documents show that the GOP presidential nominee paid a 14.1 percent income tax rate in 2011, paying more in taxes than he was required to do by federal law, according to accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers. The Republican opted to drive up his income tax rate by not claiming more than $1.75 million in deductions for charitable donations.

    Now, some cynical people might call this another Romney flip-flop. Or some even more cynical people might say that he paid so much to make himself look better in the eyes of voters. I would personally like to consider it a goodwill gesture. A small concession to the people across the aisle. A way of saying: Hey, we might not always think alike, but I'm willing to meet you halfway. Or, at any rate, 9/11ths of the way.

    This is really just the beginning, I suspect. I'm expecting to see plenty more goodwill gestures in the weeks to come. Like…

    * Romney will concede that only 42% of the people in America is freeloading gutter trash.

    * Romney will expand his views on acceptable situations for an abortion to include hysterical pregnancies.

    * Romney will begin making his cars take the stairs, just like the rest of the servants.

    * Romney will require one of his five sons to get a Heidelberg scar, just to unpretty the family up a bit.

    * Romney will go on publicly concede that corporations are not in fact people, but are angelic beings from a parallel dimension.

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