• Bumps in the Road: Mitt Romney's Top 6 Car-Related Euphemisms

    Mitt Romney is attacking Obama for his "bumps in the road" comment, in which the president compared eruptions of violence in the Middle East to something Mitt's dog might complain about from the roof.

    Romney's right: Unrest in the Middle East is more pressing than, say, a pothole. (Unless you're trying to use federal funds to fill that pothole, in which case, socialism). So, what are some better car-related euphemisms Mitt would use when disaster strikes?

    1. Wrong turn. The go-to explanation for when you criticize half the nation as lazy, entitled, poorly groomed, most-likely illiterate slobs.

    2. Denting the Cadillac. When you try relating to voters by describing in detail how rich you are and it backfires.

    3. Driving on the wrong side of the road: Describes the cultural misunderstanding that occurs when you realize foreigners don't appreciate being insulted.

    4. Oh my God, somebody broke the GPS: When you say something about foreign policy and hope it works.

    5. Do you smell smoke? When your campaign comes under heavy fire from your own party.

    6. Running out of gas: What's happening to his campaign right now.

    Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post/Getty Images

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