• Mitt Romney Destroying Obama in Alternate Dimension

    According to Nate Silver, RealClearPolitics and every other aggregator of polling data, Barack Obama has been maintaining a stubbornly persistent lead in the national polls. An average of surveys places him 3.7% ahead of Mitt Romney. But caveat emptor, these are just the polling averages in the real world. String theory places us in a universally poly-dimensial multiverse: In at least one of these worlds, Romney is kicking the president's ass.

    It's from this world that unskewedpolls.com is reporting. In a rebuke to anyone who thinks only Democrats believe in redistribution, the site's proprietor has reweighted polling data to value Republican respondents more highly, giving Romney a 7.8% advantage.

    But a Romney polling lead is not the only difference between the unskewed world and our own…

    * Seahawks-Packers in real life? 12-14. Unskew the result and it's 12-7, with the scab refs doing a bang-up job.

    * Honey Boo Boo Child did NOT beat the Republican National Convention broadcast on any channel in the unskewed universe.

    * Arrested Development never went off the air, thanks to off-the-chart ratings.

    * The Boston Red Sox lost the 2004 World Series, as Jesus intended.

    All in all, life in the unskewed world isn't so bad.

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