• One of a Kind Candidate: Blong Yang, Hennepin County Commissioner District 2, Minneapolis, MN

    Blong Yang. Blong Yang. Go on, keep saying it. Blong. It has such a nice feel on the mouth-parts. Bloooong. Names are the best! Except for Dustin and Madison.

    Blong Yang is running for Hennepin County Commissioner District 2 outside of Minneapolis, and just look at his music video:

    Why is this the first campaign music video we've seen this election season? What in god's name are you candidates doing with your time? Do not tell me you're just putting out lawn signs. Do not tell me that. Video killed the lawn sign star. The first candidate for auditor or coroner or animal control officer to do a "Gangnam Style" campaign video will win in a landslide. Teen pollster dreamboat Nate Silver has a graph for that.

    The best part of Blong's video is the part where I still have no idea what a county commissioner is or does but couldn't care less because MUSIC. Music is playing because Blong wants to be County Commissioner. You know what you need to know about this guy.

    The other best part is the whole thing. It's aspirational and earnest and definitely the sort of song the Black Eyed Peas would write for the Obama campaign, but it's for Blong Yang in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Civil rights activist Blong Yang can talk about peace and harmony because he doesn't command the largest military force in the world. What does Blong Yang do? County Commissioner things. You know what I'm talking about.

    In an exclusive interview, Blong told Indecision that, if elected, he would be the first person of color to serve as a Hennepin County Commissioner. Blong is Hmong-American. (Wikipedia is three seconds away, I'll wait. History is bonkers, right?) When Sarah Palin talked about "real Americans" in 2008, refugees associated with General Vang Pao's Secret Army who settled in the Midwest are exactly who she would have been talking about, if Sarah Palin had any concept of history, or the Midwest.

    Now here we are in 2012, and Sarah Palin is an afterthought for reality television aficionados and Blong Yang is a man with a viable campaign and an original music video.

    Sometimes America is great.

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