• America's Ugliest Congressional Districts

    No, not the district with highest quotient of ugly constituents. Everyone knows the New Jersey 5th has that locked down. Rather, Nate Silver's recent discussion of the Nebraska GOP's gerrymander of the 2nd Congressional District is a reminder that the 2012 election will be conducted with brand new district lines, courtesy of the 2010 Census and partisan gerrymandering.

    The lines that create our congressional districts draw a picture of our democracy. Turns out, our democracy looks like a diseased whale uterus…

    That's the Chicago 4th, an abomination formed by combining Chicagoland's two main Hispanic populations by way of an unpopulated highway median. It's number 3 on our list.

    Number 2 on the list…

    Is the North Carolina 1st. Affectionately known — so far, only by me — as the Democrasaurus Rex.

    And the winner…

    What can you even say about the Maryland 3rd? 3rd Congressional District, you so ugly, you make blind people cry.

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