• Mitt Romney Accidentally Fact Checks Mitt Romney

    The focus of the Romney campaign was supposed to be on the stubbornly high unemployment rate, but if his accidental truth-telling becomes a trend, he's going to cost fact-checkers their jobs by doing their work for them.

    Consider a candidate Romney press release from April

    President Obama is the first president in history to openly campaign for re-election on a platform of higher taxes. He has already raised taxes on millions of Americans, but he won’t stop there.

    Unfortunately, fact-checker Romney rated this statement as "pants on fire," while campaigning in Ohio…

    [Barack Obama's] idea now. He's got one new, one new idea. I admit this, he has one thing he did not do in his first four years, said he's going to do in his next four years, which is to raise taxes. And is there anybody who thinks that raising taxes will help grow the economy?

    The campaign of candidate Romney fired back, saying, "Governor Romney was clearly communicating about an additional tax increase President Obama is proposing on American small businesses that will jeopardize over 700,000 jobs." But are you going to believe some campaign flack or the fact-checking candidate himself?

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