• 7 Killer Jokes from Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney

    Politico's Roger Simon, satire expert, has some important advice for Mitt Romney: Be funny in the upcoming debates. But Mitt has been funny before! Roger Simon has examples! Why is Mitt Romney not being MORE funny, more often, like Roger Simon?

    What Mr. Simon is forgetting is that Mitt Romney is a veritable BARREL OF FREEDOM-LAUGHS. Just check out some of the killer comedy he's laid down on the campaign trail so far…

    "Many Americans are troubled by the developments in the Middle East." (9/25/12)
    The #1 setup to a real crowd-pleaser about three rabbis walking into a bar.

    "My mom and dad gave their kids the greatest gift of all. The gift of unconditional love." (8/30/12)
    So this was more of a physical gag. As he said this, a large flower on his lapel began shooting water.

    "Free enterprise cannot only make us better off financially, it can make us better people." (9/25/12)
    LOL! Psych! Everyone knows you become a better person by saying things like "marvelous," "if you will" and "poorer than a common chimney sweep."

    "[U]nlike the president, when I am president I will actually do what I promise." (9/19/12)
    Haha! No you won't.

    "Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you guys. Thank you. Hi there. Yep, how are you?" (9/19/12)
    Classic Eddie Murphy bit.

    "And by the way, the reason I'm hesitating to respond to your question is it's being transmitted in my ear." (9/19/12)
    We're kinda getting bored of Mitt-Romney-is-a-robot jokes… unless it's a really good Mitt-Romney-is-a-robot joke, delivered by Mitt Romney himself.

    "It's good to be back home in Michigan." (2/24/12)
    You had to be there.

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