• Barack Obama Gets Clingy

    Dear Mr. President,

    It's not you, it's me.

    Things are just moving too fast. I was happy to put the bumper sticker you gave me on my car. I even have a poster of you up in my room. But asking me to write supportive messages on my hands? And sending you selfies, just so you could post them on the Internet? I'm sorry, that's just a tad creepy. I need my space.

    Mostly, we're just at very different points in our lives right now. I'm focused on my career. You're focused on me. I don't want to hold you back from reaching your full potential — stopping the rise of the oceans, healing the planet, bringing peace to the world's trouble spots — but to do that, we need to see other people. You, especially, need to see other people. You may have heard there's an election in less than 40 days.

    I'm sorry I wasn't ready for this kind of relationship. I hope we can remain friends.


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