• Media Bias Conspiracy Infiltrates UnSkewed Polls

    For conservatives tired of living under the harsh glare of reality, the idea that  nonpartisan surveys are a part of the liberal media conspiracy came as a joyous daybreak in the long night of their empirically-based captivity.

    Even Mitt Romney got into the act, telling an audience, "I know something about polls… and I know you can ask a question to get any answer you want." Unfortunately, the question he's having trouble with is, "Who will you vote for?"

    The only hope lay with a new website known as Unskewed Polls. Unlike the myriad of polls purporting to show a slight but steady lead for President Obama, Unskewed Polls resisted the well known bias of "random samples," by "reweighing" pre-existing polls to give Romney a 5-10 percent lead.

    Until now.

    As of this morning, a "rebalanced" Fox News poll on the Unskewed Polls site shows Obama with a 2 percent lead and a "QStarNews Daily Tracking Poll" gives the president a 4 percent advantage. Clearly, the conspiracy goes all the way to the top… to the people complaining about media conspiracies.

    The only solution is to unskew the Unskewed Polls with the help of these guys…

    Pretty sure the future of conservative polling is just a bunch of guys in business suits yelling, "Na, na, na, I can't hear you," at swing voters in Ohio.

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