• 5 Quack Election Predictors

    With Republicans rejecting the admittedly imperfect science of opinion polling and the electoral math subsequently rejecting Republicans, it's time to see whether the GOP's love for quack science is requited with favorable electoral predictions. Here are five strange and occasionally accurate presidential predictors, along with where the candidates stand now…

    1. People had better not still be buying Nixon masks.
    According to Spirit Halloween, the candidate whose masks sells best has won every election since 1996. So far, 64% of masks sold have been Obama's, though you have to wonder if Mitt Romney gets points for wearing his Romney mask all the time.

    2. Everything in America is about dessert.
    A nation that produces chocolate-flavored condoms cannot help but decide its political future through First Lady bake-offs. The winner of the Family Circle cookie contest has gone on to the White House in four out of the past five elections. This year, Michelle Obama's white and dark chocolate chip cookies defeated Ann Romney's M&M cookies by 287 votes.

    3. Yes, this coffee did come from the local 7-11.
    Since 2000, 7-11 has correctly predicted the election results by asking customers to select a blue or red coffee cop for their purchases.  Obama is currently leading Romney 60-40%.

    4. As go the children, so goes the nation. 
    Since 1940, "Scholatic News"  has polled schoolkids, who have accurately predicted the winner in every election but 1948 and 1960. This year's survey concludes on October 10th.

    5. It's possible Ron Paul will this thing after all.
    With the sole exception coming in 2004, the incumbent party has won the election whenever the Washington Redskins  won their final home game before Election Day.  This year, the (awful) Redskins will face the (possibly worse) Carolina Panthers, creating the possibility that both will somehow lose.

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