• Romney Continues to Keep His Humanity a Closely Guarded Secret

    Mitt Romney has apparently been engaging in a lot of "off the record" conversations with the reporters in his traveling press corps, giving them a rare peak behind the candidate's curtain to the person that he actually is.

    Obviously, all that shit's gotta get a tight lid dropped on it from great height!

    Eager for access to the famously reserved candidate, reporters have generally agreed to the campaign's terms for these "OTRs," which have long been common practice on presidential campaigns. But the resulting interactions — rare, unfettered conversations with an unusually candid Romney — have left many of the traveling campaign reporters frustrated that they're unable capture a side of the candidate that he keeps hidden from public view.

    "The OTRs are annoying," said one reporter who covers Romney. "I mean, I'm glad we do them, but it's like, we can't show a side of him that exists."

    Man, can you imagine if the press was able to start reporting on Mitt Romney as though he were a genuine flesh-and-blood and not just a collection of photo ops and conservative talking points du jour? That could be catastrophic! Especially right now when they're working so hard to think up some kind of game changer

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