• 10 Ways Obama Will Make Up for Missing His 20th Wedding Anniversary

    Tonight is the 20th wedding anniversary of President Barack and Michelle Obama. They already celebrated the way most couples do, by having their staff tweet love notes to each other. Unfortunately, their special night falls on the date of the first presidential debate.

    Obama is a smooth operator and he's not going to let a little thing like a debate stop Michelle from having the anniversary she deserves. We don't know exactly what he has planned, but here are a few suggestions…

    1. Deliver his closing debate remarks by romantic organic, free trade, soy-based candlelight.

    2. Have a bouquet of roses delivered to her by an overweight child jogging in place while wearing Shape-Ups.

    3. Relive their first date movie, Do The Right Thing, by inciting a race war. (ED NOTE: Suggestion submitted by Matt Drudge's siren.)

    4. Promise to give up sneaking cigarettes while hiding in the oval office bathroom.

    5. Sing all his debate responses to Al Green's Let's Stay Together.

    6. Ask her to donate $5 to his re-election campaign in most romantic way possible.

    7. Have intern write a beautiful congratulatory greeting card message that will then be signed by Beyonce.

    8. Get the person in charge of his campaign Tumblr to post an ode to her lady parts, then promptly take it down.

    9. Sign executive order making it illegal for fashion designers to create dresses that aren't sleeveless.

    10. Constantly excuse himself to the bathroom during the debate to run back and forth to a fancy romantic dinner.

    Hopefully, they can still share a romantic kiss after tonight's debate and their mouths won't be too tried from laughing at Mitt Romney's hilarious zingers.

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