• Stuff Mitt Romney Likes [UPDATED]

    We already know a few things Mitt Romney likes. There's scouting: "I love the scouting program! I love the principles of scouting!" There are lakes: "I love the lakes." And cars: "I love cars."

    Thanks to this debate, we know a few updates have been made to StuffRomneyLikes.txt:

    1. Big Bird: "I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS…and I like PBS. I love BigBird!"

    2. Coal:  "I like coal."

    3. Jim Lehrer: "And I like you."

    4. Green Energy: "I like green energy as well"

    5. Great schools: "I love great schools."

    It seems like the thing Mitt Romney likes most is mechanically listing things he likes.

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