• The Internet's Finest Pre-Debate Commentary

    When it comes to making sense of the debate hoopla, there's only one place to turn for thoughtful analysis: the anonymous musing of Internet commentators. So sit back as our nation's finest minds cut through to the heart of the issues like a very dull knife cuts through concrete-reinforced steel.

    Via Tea Party Patriots, we bring you "with friends like these" commentary…

    [Y]ou do understand that the current "moron" is destroying the country right? The challenger "moron" couldn't do worse,and may well do better. 4 more years of the current moron will NOT have a possibility of being better. I'll take challenger "moron" thank you very much.

    And this is like a Zen koan of civic collapse…

    I am Boycotting the debate. Since my voice is never heard, maybe my silence will be

    Via The Free Republic, this gentleman could benefit from research showing tin-foil hats actually increase the government's mind-control capacity…

    I am more concerned with how Obama probably got the questions given to him beforehand, yeah yeah I know, its supposed to be questions that neither candidate knows in advance but I think we ALL know with this media they already gave it to Axelfraud.

    At least one netizen is immune to this "I must not sound like a racist" disease…

    Mitt is certainly capable of inflicting damage on Barry, but is he motivated to do so? Or is he suffering from the "I must not sound like a racist" mental disease? That's the big question for tonight.

    But are we going to have decent macaroons?

    After another 4 year term of Obama the USA will be a European style 1 party state with a state directed media, that will allow just enough political window dressing from a "loyal opposition" to keep their peon classes passive.

    "My friends?" What is John McCain doing trolling at the Free Republic?

    If you heard any of Mister Obamas 2007 speech, did you hear any hard, "hissy", over-enunciated S sounds? Nope, me neither. But, my Friends, watch Mister Obama tonight, and I would wager that he over-enunciates his S sounds like a hissing snake. This artificially affected enunciation might make him seem more professorial, however judging from his 2007 speaking style, the hard "S" sounds are totally fake. Listen for the counterfeit (and condescending) ssssccpeaking sssscctyle in tonight'sssscc debate.

    If only the candidate were half as incisive!

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