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    Fox NewsIf I'm reading the campaign spin correctly, Mitt Romney just needs to avoid publicly urinating on moderator Jim Lehrer, refrain from reciting The Klansman's Oath using only fart noises, and keep himself from performing a forced abortion on a member of the Denver audience in order to exceed expectations and win tonight's debate with Barack Obama. At which point, he will have transformed the race and come one step closer to repealing and replacing Obamacare.

    On this note, today's episode of Fox and Friends offered a look at how healthcare will work in the post-Obamacare utopia: All psychiatric diagnoses will be performed by Dr. Keith Ablow, who was last seen writing mash notes to Newt Gingrich's penis.

    Today's psychiatric¬†diagnosis concerns a viewer who asks if he is nuts for having¬†"amassed years of food, fuel, generators, outdoor survival gear & an enormous cache of defensive ordinance." The verdict…

    "[This is] Way normal! Because how can this guy be crazy when the Iranians are close to getting a nuclear weapon? It may be that the rest of us who aren't amassing survival gear are the crazy ones.

    I say, check the ammunition, make sure it's live because these are dark days potentially… So, not delusional, simply seeing reality."

    Are you perchance one of millions of Americans who believes shooting an Iranian nuclear bomb with an AR-15 is a less than foolproof defensive strategy? Well, that is crazy talk. A TV doctor said so.

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