• First Presidential Debate by the Numbers

    Times Barack Obama continued on his vaunted Apology Tour: Twice, both times telling Jim Lehrer he was sorry for going over the allotted time.

    Chance that "Zinger" was actually the planned name for Romney's 6th son rather than a debate strategy: 1:3

    Minutes into the debate before Obama realized he wasn't actually debating John Kerry: 63

    Romney's margin of victory in the CNN snap poll: 42%

    "President" John Kerry's margin of victory in a 2004 Newsweek poll following the first debate: 42%

    Increase in conservatives' faith in opinion polling, post snap polls: 3000%

    Number of U.S. Senators whose response to the debates moderation was "Jim good":

    Number of meta-lies told by Obama: Two ("This has been a terrific debate" and "Jim, you're doing a great job.")

    Number of times Obama or Lehrer mentioned the "47% video": Zero

    Percent of MSNBC post-debate broadcast that was at all distinguishable from a Hitler Downfall Youtube parody: 0%

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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