• Michelle Obama Knows How to Beat a Romney

    There was a pivotal moment at last night's debate when President Obama could have won the whole thing. You might not have picked up on it, but it was there.

    After Mitt Romney said he would defund PBS even though he loves Big Bird, Obama should have countered with "Yeah, but how do you feel about the Cookie Monster, because my wife's cookie recipe just beat your wife's cookie recipe, so I'm just gonna go ahead and stay President of the United States. How do you like them cookies?"

    It sounded much cooler in my head.

    Michelle Obama's recipe won the Family Circle contest by just 287 votes, proving that every vote counts. Sometimes you have to grease a few palms to get there, which can hardly be helped when your recipe calls for two sticks of butter plus a stick of shortening. Mrs. Obama must be surprised to learn that the surest way to a voter's heart is through his or her heavily clogged arteries. Maybe after the debate she let Barry sit on the couch for a while and stress eat a bag of potato chips.

    Buck up, President Obama. At least someone in your family is clutch when it comes to kicking Romney butt.

    Photo by Steve Jennings/Stringer/WireImage/Getty Images

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