• Catholic Group Prints a Million Anti-Obama Flyers, Gets Own URL Wrong

    Good lord. The Catholic Association has created a "Religious Freedom Scorecard" as a "voter guide" that ranks Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on a number of important metrics, including "conscience rights," "abortion and conscience rights" and "religious freedom rhetoric."

    Mitt Romney, Mormon, received an A+ on his Catholic Association report card because he has said the word 'God' into microphones and helped protect children's rights to not be raised in loving, stable homes that contain gay people. President Obama failed completely, with no hope of making it up on extra credit, because Obamacare, and because nobody's ever given him a religious liberty award.

    According to an announcement on the group's website, TheCatholicAssociation.org, "More than one million copies of the guide will be distributed across the country in English and Spanish," which brings us to this point…


    Who has time to factcheck things like your own site URL when there's faith-based scaremongering to do? Besides, the Catholic Association's mission statement says that "We have one priority now: defend religious liberty." Being accurate would add a whole 'nother level of priority right there.

    So anyone who goes to TheCatholicAssociation.com in search of more details about Mitt Romney's strong Catholic values and Barack Obama's "unprecedented attacks on religious freedom" will find, in Firefox and Chrome respectively, "Not found" and "Unknown error." Which may make more sense than anyone at The Catholic Association intended.

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