• The UnSkewed BLS Jobs Report

    Say goodbye to the "unemployment is over 8%"  talking point and say hello to the "unemployment is nearly 8%" talking point. Such are the wages of the latest Non-Farm Payroll Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    U.S. employers added 114,000 jobs in September and the unemployment rate fell to 7.8% thanks to revisions to the prior months' jobs reports. Sounds like a stroke of luck for the Obama administration or a feather in the cap for Ben Bernanke…or perhaps a sign of something more nefarious:

    Of course! What we need is an Unskewed BLS report…

    BLS Report UnSkewed Report   Explanation
     + 44,000 Healthcare jobs  + 45,000 Healthcare jobs In this case, the BLS actually understates all the new death panel jobs the Obama administration has created.
     + 13,000 in "financial activities" center  - 20,000  BLS sampled too many Democrats.
     + 17,000 in transportation and warehousing  + 1,000  But all these transport workers are being hired to transport dissidents to the FEMA gulags being set up in time for the 2nd Obama term
     - 16,000 manufacturing jobs  - 160,000  And it would have been even worse if job seekers weren't motivated by Mitt Romney's awesome debate performance.

    Alternatively, the Romney campaign is going to have to hang its hope on the all-important Farm Payrolls Report.

    Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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