• Mitt Romney Is Finally This Version of Mitt Romney!

    Buzz Bissinger is a sports columnist and the author of the book Friday Night Lights, which was later made into the movie Friday Night Lights, which was later made into the TV show Friday Night Lights, which was later made into the movie Battleship. He is also, apparently, a "lifelong Democrat."

    But something magic happened last week. He had an epiphany. He decided that he is going to vote for Mitt Romney!

    Voting for a president is based on a combination of factual and emotional perception. The tipping point was last week’s debate in Denver. Romney finally did what he should have done all along instead of his balky cha cha with the old white men of the conservative Republican wing: he acted as the moderate he is, for the first time running as himself, not against himself, embracing his record as governor of Massachusetts.

    I have never seen a performance worse than Obama’s, distracted, his head dipped into the podium as if avoiding the smell of something rotten, acting above the very idea that a debate does provide a pivotal referendum on his first term as it has for all incumbent presidents, whipsawed by the legion of usual advisers telling him to play defense when his own intuition should have told him that he needed to go on the offensive as Romney slapped him around.

    Okay, so, you may think it's silly and not-entirely-believable for a "lifelong Democrat" to suddenly make a political 180 degree turn based upon the performances in one debate. But I know where Bissinger is coming from. I understand how exciting it can be to witness something that you had considered irredeemably broken and useless suddenly become right, as though by the very hand of God.

    I have this old clock in my house, and it hasn't work right in years. But I keep it around, because I've noticed that at least twice a day, it is miraculously fixed. Truly, it is a phenomenal and inspiring thing to behold.

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