• Uncle Joe Biden Got America's Nose

    Ever since President Obama was replaced by Invisible Obama just in time for the first presidential debate, Obama supporters have pinned their hopes on Joe Biden and his ability to re-energize the Democratic base.

    In some ways, Biden is an under appreciated secret weapon of the Obama re-elect. Not only are Biden's constant gaffes the last word in expectations management, invaluable ahead of Thursday's VP debate, but he's a gifted campaigner outside the debate setting. For the past few weeks Biden has been busy reaching out to working-class voters that Obama has so much trouble reaching. And he's done so by literally — not Joe Biden literally, but literally literally — reaching out to them

    Outside the Airport Diner here on Saturday, Mr. Biden shook Samantha Mullin's hand while stroking her left forearm. He placed a hand on one shoulder. He put his other hand on her other shoulder. As he looked into her eyes, he touched her cheek.

    And holding their hands…

    At a high school in New Hampshire on Friday, he fielded a question from a history teacher, Kayleigh Durkin, 26, by extending a hand to draw her into the center of a circle of students with him. While he spoke, he continued to hold her hand, as though they were a high school couple going steady.

    And kissing their hands

    "There’s no quit in America," Biden said, before working the line, posing for every picture, hugging every child and even kissing an outstretched hand.

    Biden's status as America's favorite touchy — but not creepy! — uncle even puts the Obama's campaign fundraising in to a new perspective. According to the campaign, 98% of Obama's $181 million fundraising haul in September came in the form of small donations. That is a lot of quarters pulled from behind voters' ears.

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