• Democrats Failing to Screw Up Senate Chances

    As with any products that are endlessly hawked on television, political parties need to practice brand differentiation. That's why it's so important for Democrats to react to every lackluster debate performance and subsequent swing in the presidential polls with plutonium-grade panic.

    Is the president going to concede the election this very afternoon? Is it too late to replace the top of the ticket with Hillary Clinton? Should Joe Biden be the presidential candidate? Unless these questions are asked with the maximum amount of hand-wringing and quivering panic, followed by a collapse into the fetal position, lower-information voters will have no way to identify Democrats as Democrats. Projecting quiet confidence may confuse undecided voters into thinking Obama supporters are some kind of Republicans.

    But while Democrats have been doing grade-A work of cowering in the face of a 2%-deficit in national polling, and thereby fueling the narrative of a Romney surge, they've been less proactive in completely destroying their chances of holding the U.S. Senate.

    Despite having to defend to more vulnerable seats, Democrats have at an outside chance of holding every seat save Nebraska while making pickups in Massachusetts and Maine. And it's mostly thanks to Republican candidates like Missouri's Todd Akin and Wisconsin's Tommy Thompson, who was recently asked to identify the number of homes he owns

    After being pressed about a fourth home, Thompson said he was sure there were only three: a farm in Elroy, Wisconsin; a house in Madison, Wisconsin; and a 10,889-square-foot home near Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

    The Thompson campaign was later forced to admit that a $1.3 million condo near Lake Wisconsin had completely slipped his mind.

    It's tough for Democrats to project panic and utter helplessness in the face of such incompetence, but hey, there's 28 days left. You gotta believe there's a way for them to screw it up.

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