• Barack Obama Ready for Backup Career as Dog Sitter

    Good news and bad news in the newest round of polling for the president. For the first time since the start of the general election, Mitt Romney leads the president by .8% in an average of national polls. Fortunately, the president will not want for alternate career opportunities, according to the results of an Esquire/Yahoo! News poll.

    By a 52% to 27% margin,  more Americans trust President Obama than Mitt Romney to look after their dog when they're out of town.

    However, there are some reasons to doubt the poll's methodology. According to the poll, by 47-31%, Americans prefer Obama over Romney as their next door neighbor, belying every single empirical observation that has ever been undertaken about residential segregation in the United States.

    Other finds are more believable. 52% of voters prefer Obama to be their work supervisor and 48% would rather have the president as their Facebook friend, compared to 34% and 25%, respectively, who prefer Romney. But by an overwhelming and very understandable  53-33% margin, Americans would rather receive tax advice from Romney.

    Finally, by 54 to 29%, Americans would rather go on a road trip with the president. The only way that response could have been more lopsided is if people were asked who they'd prefer to take their dog on a road trip.

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