• Bill Clinton Called in to Save the Day

    Do you guys remember Barack Obama's speech during the Democratic National Convention last month? No? Me neither. But I'm relatively certain he gave one, because it's, like, tradition or something, isn't it?

    But, hey, what about Bill Clinton's DNC speech?! That was awesome. In fact, I made it my ring tone. Now, every time  somebody calls me, I listen to Clinton's inspirational earth-shaking address to progressive America. In its entirety. I haven't spoken to any of my friends in weeks. But I can quote that speech front to back and back to front again.

    I have a feeling that some people in Obama HQ feel kinda the same, which probably explains this new video…

    How much you wanna bet that there are Democratic physicists working tirelessly in Chicago right now to figure out a way to quantum leap Clinton into Obama's body before the next presidential debate?

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