• The Free Market Still Favors Barack Obama

    Right now, the polls — which have been consistently cozying up to Barack Obama this entire election season — are finally swinging Mitt Romney's way.

    Ironically though, according to Intrade.com, the Invisible Hand of the Free Market still appears to be pulling the lever for the socialist. And, despite his very bad week, Obama is actually still up from his post convention bounce. Take a look…

    Here's the past 60 days of Obama's numbers on Intrade

    Obviously, Obama's fallen pretty far from the kind of numbers he was pulling at the end of last month, but notice where he is today. He's in the 60s, and hasn't dropped below that since mid-September, when he crossed that threshold for the first time.

    Due to the nature of a two-candidate race — with all due respect to Gary Johnson, who is currently running even with non-candidate Hillary Clinton – Romney's graph is almost certain to loom like a mirror image. Let's look at it anyway, for science!!!

    Yeah, that's pretty much the same chart. Except upside down. And running from 45 to 15 instead of 80 to 50. So, even if you combined these into one chart, they wouldn't even overlap. That's cold, free market. Very very cold.

    More so, though, I find it odd. These Intrade things are all just based on money. And I would think that Romney would be able to talk to money the way that Aquaman can talk to fish. You'd think he'd be able to convincingly plead his case.

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