• 10 Alternative Titles for Congressman Paul Ryan

    In a request made by the Romney-Ryan campaign via the Commission on Presidential Debates,  moderator Martha Raddatz has been asked to refer to Representative Paul Ryan as "Mr. Ryan," rather than congressman, throughout the debate. It appears, however, that either the request was withdrawn or Raddatz will not be  a stickler for this rule, scurrilously calling Ryan "congressman" twice in the first 2 minutes of the debate. Talk about biased.

    And Joe Biden is even less bound by rules of decorum that would prevent him from revealing the embarrassing nature of Ryan's employment.

    In order from least to most embarrassing, here are the possible salutations Biden will employ tonight…

    1. Bro

    2. Buddy

    3. Paulie!

    4. Dude

    5. Your Randroidness

    6. Vice Granny-Starver in Chief

    7. Broski

    8. Broham

    9. Representative

    10. Congressman

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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