• Joe Biden Has a 0.1% Chance of Being Elected President

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    How important is tonight's vice presidential debate for Joe Biden? Incredibly important. Not only does could his performance make or break his current position as the Vice President of the United States, but it could actually skyrocket him upward into the Big Seat in the Oval Office. And I'm not talking about 2016. I mean next month.

    As of right now, Biden has a one-in-one-thousand chance of being elected President on November 6. At least, according to Intrade

    Clearly, Biden's odds of being catapulted ahead of Obama into the presidency — possibly through a lively write-in campaign or a rewriting of the U.S.¬†Constitution by Congress¬†– have decreased quite a bit since January of 2011, when traders thought he had a solid 3 percent chance of promotion.

    But still, all things considered, 0.1 percent isn't awful. It's not zero. Personally, I think it might be worth the bet. A single penny investment could yield a ten dollar return. A dollar down could bring in a thousand, and a thousand down could bring in a cool million.

    And, when you think about it, the odds of winning aren't that much worse than your chances of actually getting a job in this economy.

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