• The Left Wing Conspiracy to Bring Down Obama

    Leading up to the all-important vice-presidential debate, conservative-leaning columnist Ann Althouse decided to take a look back at last week's presidential debate and she says that she "didn't think Obama was that bad." Interesting, considering she's generally not one to say many nice things about the President. Could it be that Althouse is joining former conservatives like Andrew Sullivan — whom, I believe, is still in full-on cardiac arrest over the debate — in expatriate life on the liberal side of the aisle?

    No. It's just that she discovered the liberal media's across-the-board conspiracy to tear down Obama's debate performance because… Well, she explains it better than I ever could

    "There had to have been a coordinated decision to go with the talking point: Obama was terrible. He was tired, disengaged, unprepared. Shocking! But why would Obama's supporters coordinate to tell the story that way? What a weird thing to choose to put in our minds?

    "Here's why they did it. Romney was so much better than Obama. Romney was vigorous, vividly in command of the facts, principles of economics, free-market ideology. Like Obama, he had a strategy to appeal to moderates, and he jumped into the moderate ground and occupied it — stunningly — with modesty and charm. He radiated competence and readiness to work for us. There he stood, the brilliant candidate, who wants only to help us, knows how to help us, and deeply, passionately cares that we need help. Wow. Don't let that be the story! Don't look at that! Look at pathetic woeful Obama. He was off his game."

    I have to say, of all the post-debate theories, this one is the most easily-acceptable. Very well thought-out and not-at-all tin-foil-hat-y. Actually, if I have any criticism of this oh-so-reality-based theory that the liberal world decided en masse to pretend that the President had a bad debate, it's that it doesn't go far enough.

    Why stop with the entirety of the liberal lame-stream media? Maybe the campaign was in on it! Or maybe the President himself was in on it! Maybe this conspiracy goes all the way to the top, with Barack Obama deliberately tanking his debate performance in order to create a smokescreen for Mitt Romney's transcendent qualities as a candidate without equal! That would explain it! That would explain everything!

    We're through the looking glass here, people.

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