• Top Joe Biden Debate Burns

    1. "That's a bunch of MALARKY!" – On Paul Ryan's foreign policy statements.

    2. "It's about time they take some responsibility." – Referring to the 1%.

    3. "I heard that 'death panel' argument from Sarah Palin." – On Independent Payment Advisory Board.

    4. "Their ideas are old. And their ideas are bad." – Though he silently admitted that their hair was pretty good.

    5. "The congressman…"

    6. "Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy." – On Ryan's reference to the Kennedy tax cuts.

    7. "MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE" – Which henceforth will be yelled at anyone who disagrees with me about anything.

    8. "Facts matter!"

    9. "I may be mistaken. He changes his mind so often, I could be wrong." – On Romney's position changes.

    10. "They talk about this Great Recession as if it fell out of the sky, like, 'Oh, my goodness, where did it come from?'"

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