• Vice Presidential Debate Winners and Losers


    1. Martha Raddatz, who proved that moderating a debate can involve "facts" and "specific questions"

    2. Joe Biden's funny bone

    3. Liza Ryan, because although she's not old enough for a Twitter account, everyone there is empathizing with her

    4. Paul Ryan's deltoids, because duh

    5. Barack Obama, because all he has to do to look good in the next debate is not giggle like a loon

    6. Paul Ryan, because he's the only guy on stage who's going to be president someday

    7. The word "malarkey"

    8. Fans of GIFs

    9. "Loose talk"

    10. Martha Raddatz, again


    1. Jim Lehrer

    2. People who had "folks" in their debate drinking game

    3. Whoever had to wipe Joe Biden down afterwards

    4. Paul Ryan's tie

    5. The word "literally," which was literally forgotten

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    Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

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