• What's Next for Ron Paul?

    Ron Paul

    With his presidential campaign and congressional career behind him, Ron Paul has announced his return as the Honorary Chairman of Campaign for Liberty, a non-profit founded by Paul in 2008. In a fundraising email to supporters, Paul writes that he is returning at "our most critical juncture in years," which is true, because, again: just founded in 2008.

    But while raising money for long-shot paleo-conservative candidates is consuming, a man of Paul's indefatigable nature needs more to occupy his time. What else will the champion of liberty be up to?

    1. Collecting royalties for his appearance on New Zealand's newest gold currency

    New Zealand will release commemorative "The Hobbit" coins worth thousands of dollars ahead of next month's premier of director Peter Jackson's latest Tolkien epic. The coins featuring characters such as Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the wizard will be legal tender in the country, New Zealand Post said, although their face value will be only a fraction of the cost collectors will be expected to pay.

    2. Toying with the hearts of Gary Johnson supporters by criticizing Mitt Romney and Barack Obama but conspicuously not endorsing Johnson.

    3. Stalking Ben Bernanke at work.

    4. Stalking Ben Bernanke at home.

    5. Stalking Ben Bernanke on vacation.

    6. Stalking Ben Bernanke at the grocery store.

    7. Selling copies of his wife's cookbook.

    8. Stalking Ben Bernanke at the bank.

    9. Starting a newsletter publishing company and being very careful to institute a new "no horrible racists" editorial policy.

    10. Stalking Ben Bernanke at the post office.

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