• WSJ: Don't Say Mitt Romney Lies, Because Hitler

    Though Barack Obama hasn't overtly called Mitt Romney a liar for his most recent transformation from a severely conservative caterpillar to a centrist butterfly, his campaign has been adamant in pointing out Romney's inconsistencies. And the Wall Street Journal op-ed page will have none of it, because you know who else called people liars?

    The Obama campaign's resurrection of "liar" as a political tool is odious because it has such a repellent pedigree. It dates to the sleazy world of fascist and totalitarian propaganda in the 1930s. It was part of the milieu of stooges, show trials and dupes. These were people willing to say anything to defeat their opposition. Denouncing people as liars was at the center of it. The idea was never to elevate political debate but to debauch it.

    To keep things straight, it's important to remember a few guidelines for how the WSJ editorial page sees the world. Actual racism is non-existent, but accusations of racism are known as playing the race card. Actual lies are part and parcel of the democratic process, but accusations of lying make you Hitler.

    On the bright side, Politifact is the least threatening version of the Gestapo the world has ever seen.

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