• A Romney-Obama to Joe Biden Translation Guide

    Yes, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are entertaining us, but they are no Joe Biden. But if you imagine that the candidates' milquetoast repartee into Biden speak, things get a whole lot more interesting.

    Romney to undecided voter: "You're absolutely right about part of that."
    Translation: "You're a little bit right, and a lot full of STUFF.

    Obama: "Very little of what Governor Romney said is true."
    Translation: "This is a lot of STUFF."

    Obama: "Not true Governor Romney" (1x)
    Translation: "MALARKEY!"

    Obama: "You'll get your chance in a moment, I am still speaking."
    Translation:  "That's a bunch of MALARKY!"

    Obama: "That's not true, governor" (2x)
    Translation: "Facts matter!"

    Obama: "That's not true, governor" (3x)

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