• Candy Crowley Is in the Tank for Barack Obama

    Last week, it was obvious that debate moderator Martha Raddatz was in the tank for Joe Biden and the Obama campaign. It remains to be seen, however, if tonight's moderator–CNN's Candy Crowley–has any biases. It's hard to tell. As far as we know, neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney ever attended her wedding.

    That said, Ms. Crowley did tip her hand in this New York Times profile, revealing a few details that clearly show she's pulling hard for Barack Obama…

    1. She says her fantasy career is "Homicide detective." Why? So she can get to the bottom of what happened to Seamus on that car roof? Okay, fine, the Romney dog didn't die up there. But he did die. Of related causes? Can you prove otherwise? This is incontrovertible evidence that Crowley's on Team Obama.

    2. When asked what talent she most wants, she responds: "Mind reading." Nerd alert! Obvious allusion to Marvel's Professor X. Clearly, clearly, this is a coded message to Obama's comic book-reading base, and what she's saying is "I'm with you."

    3. "My favorite thing to do is go through my files and shred stuff. That is so liberating." Hey, you know what's a fun thing to shred? All the evidence of Obama's involvement in the Fast and Furious scandal. And, I don't know, maybe a real birth certificate. I know what she's saying here.

    4. "Don't brag on your kids. It’s bad luck." Sounds like a knock on those adorable Romney boys.

    5.  "I like dark characters." Oh, come on now!

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    Candy Crowley Is in the Tank for Mitt Romney

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