• Candy Crowley Is in the Tank for Mitt Romney

    Last week, it was obvious that debate moderator Martha Raddatz was in the tank for Joe Biden and the Obama campaign. It remains to be seen, however, if tonight's moderator–CNN's Candy Crowley–has any biases. It's hard to tell. As far as we know, neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney ever attended her wedding.

    That said, Ms. Crowley did tip her hand in this New York Times profile, revealing a few details that clearly show she's pulling hard for Mitt Romney…

    1. When asked what she does every day, she answers: "I practice Transcendental Meditation. I'll do it in the morning. If I have to, I do it at the office." Transcendental meditation, eh? Spiritualism? That's a dog whistle for religion. And of the two candidates, Mitt Romney is definitely the most overtly religious. I'm on to you, Crowley.

    2. "I started being a vegetarian on the Bob Dole campaign in 1995. We were in South Carolina, and someone served me a hamburger, and I thought, 'I don’t want to eat this anymore.'" Oh, really? You don't want to eat this anymore? You want to draw distinctions about what you can and can't put inside your body? Sort of like how Mitt Romney won't ingest alcohol or caffeine? And you reached this state of enlightenment during the Dole campaign? It's like you're not even trying to hide this stuff.

    3. On her first name: "I considered changing it many times. When I was at NBC, I was Stephanie for about two and a half seconds, but I could never remember to say it." Is there anybody else you can think of who has a funny-sounding first name but decided to keep it, but has also tried to hide it? Maybe somebody with whom she can find common cause? Somebody whose name rhymes with Fillard?

    4. "Don't brag on your kids. It's bad luck." Sounds like a knock on those adorable Obama girls.

    5. "My dad was in the furniture business, and he said, 'You are not a sofa-and-two-wing-chair kind of gal.'" Exactly! She's not an empty chair, is she? That would be bad, wouldn't it? Oh, but I wonder who might be?

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    Candy Crowley Is in the Tank for Barack Obama

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