• Debate Winners, Losers and Binders


    1. AK-47s, which Mitt Romney loves a lot more than other kinds of 47-ers.

    2. Jeremy. And whoever loaned Jeremy his suit.

    3. The guy who was wearing a Barack Obama mask this evening.

    4. Mitt Romney's pension, if he still has any stock in Staples. Binder sales are gonna go through the roof.

    5. New York, and especially New Yawk. We finally heard about jawbs.

    6. Nassau Community College. What Long Islanders affectionately call the 13th grade got a shout-out.

    7. Transcripts. Especially ones published after the Benghazi attacks, reading, "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation…"


    1. The guy who pretended to be Barack Obama in the first debate.

    2. The guy who accidentally decided who he was voting for yesterday, like an asshole.

    3. The Gallup staffers who thought these audience members were really undecided.

    4. CNN closed captioning, displaying "Labia" instead of "Libya." (This actually happened.)

    5. Candy Crowley's conservative street cred.

    6. Joe Biden, whose thunder was just stolen.

    7. Wolf Blitzer, who probably spent the whole night on his hologram deck, seething with jealousy.

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    Photos by Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

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