• Grading Mitt Romney's Bar Stool Technique

    Prior to the debate, CNN reported that Mitt Romney, a stranger to our nation's taverns, practiced sitting on a bar stool. How are he and Barack Obama doing?

    Posture: Both candidates started with one foot on the ground, the other foot on the stool leg, ready to leap toward regular Americans at a moment's notice. Key for Romney is not to lift knees above the hips, a classic amateur mistake. So far, it's a draw.

    Mount and Dismount: Both candidates are hopping to attention as soon as a stereotypical Lawn Guylander addresses them.

    WWE Moments: So far, neither candidate has fallen to urge of smashing the stool over their opponents' head.

    Verdict: You could have an awkwardly positioned drink with either candidate.

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    Photo by Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

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