• Hillary Clinton Takes One for the Team

    If you know anything about women, you know there's no logical explanation for anything they do. Their motives are as murky as the details of Mitt Romney's tax plan. Take Hillary Clinton, please *rim shot* (No, don't! President Obama needs her. She has a 65% approval rating).

    Today our Secretary of State proved the inscrutability of the female mind by taking full responsibility for the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. Inconceivable! Taking the blame before it was shoved upon her! Why would a seasoned diplomat do that?

    Only a sorceress could divine Clinton's mysterious motives…

    Jennifer Rubin Twitter

    Thank you, Jennifer Rubin! Now we know this power move isn't part of Clinton's evil plan to win the 2016 and 2020 elections, put Chelsea in for two terms and then muscle in Joaquín and Julian Castro as puppet rulers until Chelsea's future child is old enough to ascend the throne. It was doormat muscle memory.

    Or was it? Perhaps Hillary's eye twitched as she watched Vice President Biden try to disavow knowledge of the Libya situation last week. Perhaps she shuddered to recollect her boss's hapless performance in the first presidential debate. And so, in anticipation of tonight's debate and the tough questions it'll bring, Hillary Clinton decided to jump in front of the bullet for President Obama, which means she's less of a doormat and more of a Kevlar vest.

    And they say women shouldn't be in combat.

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