• Barack Obama Gained One Vote Last Night

    Okay, so, we can say with some level of confidence that Barack Obama won last night's debate. At any rate, he didn't fall asleep midway through and then suffer an attack of night terrors on live television, so we can chalk that up as a win for him.

    Now the question is: Does it even matter? Will his debate win affect the polls in any way even close to the amount Mitt Romney's did two weeks ago? The simple question is: Did Obama gain voters? And the answer is: Yes. Or, to be pedantically precise, he gained voter. We now can say with empirical certainty that at least one previously undecided voter has decided to give him another shot.

    Her name is Susan Katz, and, coincidentally, she was also on national television last night

    "I think [Obama] has matured tremendously," Katz said on CNN. "There’s no question that we expected more from him. I voted for him the first time, I had great hopes for him. I’m disappointed, and when and I got the phone call from the Gallup poll, I was truly, truly undecided. … I saw in President Obama someone who has ripened with time. He deserves another four years to see his vision through."…

    "I was disappointed that the governor chose to first rebut what the president had been saying prior to my question being addressed to him," Katz said. "That seems to be his style. I found that disappointing. I thought the governor did a good job of laying out some ways he would function differently than President Bush had. Basically, throughout the night, I found it disconcerting that the governor needed to control things. That was a problem for me, and that was evident in the way he first answered my question."

    This may not seem like such a big deal, but if the entire election comes down to a single vote, you'll remember this post.

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