• Who Won Last Night's Debate?

    Alright, so, we all watched last night's debate. Or, at any rate, read a bunch of Facebook posts about it and have cobbled together some idea of what happened based upon jokes about binders. I'm sure we all have opinions about about how our candidate did, but now that the dust has settled and the spin rooms have come to ground to a halt, we have to ask ourselves: Who won?

    Let's look at CBS's poll of miraculously-undecided voters…

    Moments following the debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., 37 percent of voters polled said the president won, 30 percent awarded the victory to Romney, and 33 percent called it a tie.

    Hey, that's not bad. A seven-point lead; that seems like a win. But… The issue that voters care about more than anything else — more than religion or national security or binders of women — is the economy. And on that issue, Obama didn't even come close

    Before the debate, 71 percent said they believed Romney would, while only 27 percent said they thought Obama would; after the debate, 34 percent said the president would better handle the economy, with 65 percent saying Romney would.

    Well, you might say that Obama's gaining ground, so that should count as a win. To which I'd say that you're trying to figure out a way to swing that data as a win.

    That said, when it comes right down to it, what matter is who is going to be sworn into office on January 20, 2013. Now, you may hope it'll be Obama again, or you might be praying that it's Romney. But where would you put your money?

    During the course of the night, at three sites where participants essentially bet on who will win, shifts in wagering reflected the fact that the perceived odds in favor of Obama winning election were rising.

    The votes on well-known political betting site Intrade.com reflected a jump in the president’s chances from 61.7 percent just before the debate to 64.1 percent shortly afterward.

    Alright, fine! But that's hardly scientific. I want to get a definitive answer on this. So, let's see what Fox News' resident expert Dick Morris thinks

    "By scoring big on the economy, gas prices, and Libya, Romney continued his victorious string of debate wins. He looked more presidential than Obama did and showed himself to be an articulate, capable, attractive, compassionate leader with sound ideas… [T]his debate goes to Romney. It seals his momentum and will lead to a big win."

    Alright! I'm convinced. Obama won.

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